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  • Alice Liu

    Sourcing Agents

    5 years experience 0 projects worked 30.00$/hr 0$ earned


  • Danny Lu

    Logistics Professional

    15 years experience 0 projects worked 20.00$/hr 0$ earned

    l’m working for long-semi technology limited two years my companies sells domestic semiconductors.

  • Nina Ding

    Sourcing Agent

    8 years experience 0 projects worked 30.00$/hr 0$ earned


  • Amelie Guo

    Sourcing Agent

    15 years experience 0 projects worked 15.00$/hr 0$ earned

    l  Strategy. Make a budget and the correspondent event plans, including the online and offline activities.

    l  Execution. Write attractive copy, design propaganda posters and in charge of the online publicity. (our Pageviews on wechat articles is 1.6 times of our competitors )

    l  Event operation. Play a role of event host and deal with emergency to guarantee the activity process and the customers’ experience.

  • Marco Chen

    Sourcing Professional

    13 years experience 12 projects worked 30.00$/hr 0$ earned
  • Holly Lu

    Sourcing Agent and Translator

    10 years experience 0 projects worked 35.00$/hr 0$ earned

    Holly Lu, from Shenzhen, China, had over 25 years of experience in the city and her education and working experience both in China and the U.S.

    Her work has related closely to international communication and coordination in solving language barriers along with providing information in business connections,

    market research, sourcing, culture and custom of China to people from outside nations.

    She has become an entrepreneurial, intellectual curious, opened-minded problem solver from her work experience with Walmart Global Sourcing…

  • Hamlet Avakian

    Data Assistant

    15 years experience 0 projects worked 30.00$/hr 0$ earned

    Hello, I’m Hamlets with more than 6 years in data entry, data processing, excel and web scraping.

    I will help you with related jobs including WordPress contents uploading, Joomla, OpenCart, web research, etc.

    I am available 8-10 hours a day and create values for you with high-quality work. I really want long term relationship with you, so we can create value.

    Contact me anytime you want, then I will be there!

  • Taiki Yamada

    Graphic Designer

    13 years experience 0 projects worked 22.00$/hr 0$ earned

    Hi, I’m Taiki. I have been working as a graphic design. I really love what I do. Whenever you need a logo design, 3D modeling or illustration, get in touch me.

    I can handle both large and small projects effectively!

  • Fadila Ahmed

    Content Writer

    12 years experience 1 project worked 20.00$/hr 0$ earned

    Hi, I’m a dedicated freelance writer who loves to write on magazines and websites. I have experienced as a copywriter for over 3 years in a Web Development & Design agency. So, I have a deep knowledge of standard writing practices that is necessary for Web content writers.

    I can produce a wide variety of content for website from articles to copy writing. Whether you need content for your blog, product descriptions, or newsletters, I can work it well with…

  • Morgan Melvin

    SEO Specialist

    7 years experience 0 projects worked 25.00$/hr 0$ earned

    As a marketing executive with more than 5 years of work experience. I have a strong marketing insight and strategy background which help you promote your product, service or brand. In addition, I can be responsible for managing all SEO activities to help your website get higher ranking on search engines and drive high-quality traffic as well as manage all search engine advertising such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    Your success is my success and I look forward to providing…