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I was having a hard time finding a factory using Alibaba. Even when I found a factory, with the time difference and language barrier, it was next to impossible to get through. My problem is solved now, and I’m ready to start my FBA journey!!!

My product is sourced. Placed order for 1000 units, 800 by sea, 200 by air…- Jake Mansfield

I was looking for baby products in Yiwu, but all my efforts failed. Jenny was able to find what I was looking for and I’m expecting my first shipment in three weeks.

Helped me to Find Baby Products in Yiwu- Julia Decker

I found sourcing really hard through Alibaba and it seemed like most were agents, not factories. Using Jenny, I was able to find a factory to produce my product in only 3 days. I recommend her service.

I was looking for an easier way to source products.- Javier Nelson

I live in Italy and my product wasn’t selling well. I was able to find this service to bundle from within China. Hopefully, it will help my listing and I can improve my ratings and sales. Went smoothly!

Bundle checked into ONT8 successfully. Ready to sell now…- Amy McCollum

I added a complimentary product to my main product and bundled them together, After reading reviews, I had both factories send them to Marco and he packaged them for me. Worked out well for me.

In Shenzhen and ready to go!- Jamie Dickens

I wasn’t sure what to do when my sales started dropping and I was recommended on the Amazing seller to bundle. I found this service and seemed to be good and inexpensive. Glad I did, communication was excellent.

Communication was excellent. Great if you are ordering from 2 factories and bundling.- Joseph Young

I tried to bundle myself at my home in Dallas, but I found it time consuming and not worth it. Now I have it all prepped in China and I never have to touch the product. More hands-off and passive income.

Bundle in China if you want passive income. Saved me tons of work.- Erica Sanchez

I save a ton of money by keeping my products warehoused in China. I only send when my stock runs low and I need to replenish. Thanks so much!!!

Best thing I could have done is warehouse my products in China!- Sylvia Gomez

I was trying to reduce my storage costs by shipping JIT from China. Now I can place large orders and store/ship when ready. Works for me.

My products are safe and ready to ship…- Evelyn Finch

Good, safe, storage. Only send when I need to restock. One email and my products are shipped. Recommended!

Storage works for me. No complaints – Recommended!- Lauren Holloway